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CloudVCard is a Cloud based contact management application that allows you to not only share your contact information easily, but also syncs the updated information of your contacts and friends right back to your contact list.

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App Overview

Our Features.

Unique platform that solves the biggest painpoints in managing your contact information.

  • reGain control

    Decide which information you want to share with any contact.

  • Email changed?

    Change it in the app and the app will inform your connections

  • Lost your phone?

    Using CloudVCard connections, contact information will not be lost

  • Easy connect

    Connecting with someone is as easy as scanning a QR code

  • Open platform

    One open platform to manage your connections

  • Privacy Protect

    See which contacts are synced and who sees which information

Why use CloudVCard?

Stop managing your contacts, manage connections.

Sharing your contact information and keeping control over this information has never been this easy! Focus on your own contact information and your connections, we do the rest.

  • Create connection by scanning or sharing a QR code
  • Download contact updates automatically
  • Manage your privacy and keep track
  • reGain control over your contact information

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Now available in the App Store and Google Play.

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