Bring your address book to life

An address book is dull, frequently outdated but oh-so important in life. Stay connected with family, friends and business partners while keeping control over your contact information. Allow us to do the heavy lifting. Meet CloudvCard.

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App Overview

Unique Features.

One place to manage, protect and sync your contact information updates to your connections.

  • Protect your Privacy

    Keep track of your connections and the information you share

  • Contacts as a Service

    One place to manage, protect and view contact information updates

  • Connecting is easy

    Want to stay in contact? Just let them scan your personal QR code

Why use CloudvCard?

Stop managing your address book, start managing connections.

Managing an address book takes time and is very inefficient. Using CloudvCard contacts app allows you to focus on your contact information while your contacts focus on theirs. The platform does the rest.

  • Focus on your contactinformation
  • Share only the information you want
  • Keep track and protect your privacy
  • New: Google Contacts integration
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But there is more!

How does it work?

Our contacts app is just a small component in the CloudvCard ecosystem. Full automation with your own systems is possible by using our APIs, Webhooks or even just Google Contacts.

Download available

Get our contacts app for your mobile devices and start connecting!

Free App available in the App Store and Google Play.

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